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EZnotesis the most easy-to-use computerized patient documentation system available. Designed by chiropractors, EZnotes™ has all of the features you need to make your job easier!

Self-Prompting Questions
Even if you are not experienced in using a computer, there is no problem. EZnotes™ automatically prompts you with simple questions. Just follow along, ask the patient the questions, and touch the screen with their answer. It’s that easy, and the patients love it.

Narrative Text Generator
After you answer the self-prompting questions, EZnotes™ automatically generates the Patient Narration in professional language with the touch of the screen.

Document Generator
Besides the Patient Narrative, EZnotes™ also automatically generates just about every key document you need to get your job done – quickly and accurately:

  • New Patient History
  • Regular Visit Notes(containing appropriate ICD-9 and CPT codes)
  • Xray Reports
  • Treatment Plan
  • Complete Narrative Report
  • Exercises (based on regions, conditions, and in alphabetical order)
  • Nutritional handouts for patients

Notes Generator
Besides having the complete array of key documents at your fingertips, EZnotes™ allows you to easily generate notes such as Regular Visit Notes in just a few minutes. You’ll save hours in dictation time and transcription costs. In addition, your notes will be maintained on the computer and/or printed for the patient to sign, proving they were there and received the treatments. With the EZnotes™ Key Notes Generator, you’ll be better able to keep accurate, timely notes for:

  • Insurance Carriers
  • Patients
  • Other Doctors
    • Associate Doctors
    • Vacation Doctors
    • Referring Physicians (A great marketing tool)

Patient History
Each note taken in EZnotes™ has date, doctor's name, address, and phone number. You’ll be better-prepared for the patient’s next visit because EZnotes™ maintains the patient history, patient progress, pain levels, treatments, nutrition and exercise plans – all with the simple touch of the screen! Need an entire narrative report? With EZnotes™, it’s once again as easy as touching the screen.

Orthopedic Examination and Treatment Guidelines
More than just a documentation system, EZnotes™ provides important assistance to chiropractors to ensure that all proper tests and procedures are followed, and documented, for each patient. EZnotes™ provides easy-to-use instructions with step-by-step photos showing exactly how to perform each orthopedic examination that you may have forgotten since school(we all do). Need nutritional information on a specific vitamin? No problem. With EZnotes™, you easily touch the “Nutrition” button for instant access to nutritional information on vitamins and supplements.

Signatures -
EZnotes™ allows the doctor to print his/her name at the bottom of the page, as well as the patient's name with a line for a signature. This accomplishes two things, it shows the patient that both parties (doctor and patient) are a team responsible for the end result, not just the doctor. It also proves that the patient was actually in the office, and eliminates the need for a sign-in sheet.

Customizable to Fit Your Practice -
EZnotes™ is not only easy to use, it’s completely customizable to fit the way you want to practice. You can add your own text into the report while picking exactly where you want it.

The Bottom Line:
With EZnotes™, your life will become easier, less pressured, and you’ll have greater peace-of-mind knowing that you’re using the best system available to ensure accurate patient documentation. In addition, you are done with the patient the second they walk out the door, and you will be proud of your notes!

Sample Screen Shots